Discover your Flirt!

  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • Real ingredients, no additives

  • 40% less sugar than other lemonades

  • Taste the difference

  • Contribute to reducing food waste

  • Made from upcycled fruits
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  • Innovative collaboration

    Flirt Drinks and Yuzu Sushi join forces to fight food waste

  • A fruitful alliance

    Lufa Farms and Flirt, together to valorize unsold fruit and create innovative drinks.

  • A winning duo

    Flirt and LOOP, a collaboration that promotes unsold processed products.

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“It tastes real! »

  • Sabina T.

    Flirt's line is the best commercial lemonade I've ever had, and the raspberry is no exception.

  • Claudia G.


  • Frederic C.

    It's delicious, unexpected and fragrant.

  • Danny D .

    Excellent lemonade, I love it. I hope it will still be available in small and large format.

  • Chloe B.

    Delicious and refreshing!

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