about us

Prove the profitability and viability of a 

company whose very foundation is 

eco-responsibility and social responsibility. 

   - Our mission -


Flirt was born in early 2019. We had just read a newspaper article titled: “Almost 60% of the food produced in Canada is wasted”. It is from this observation that we said to ourselves: Something important must be done with this company! 

The circular economy jumped out at us as a solution to a problem that greatly affects us, food waste, a national problem. 


It's simple, but not that simple.

With the help of non-profit partners, we have developed a daily recovery network. In other words, every day our partners go to a multitude of grocery stores to collect unsold items. The surviving fruits are brought to our brewery and all the rest of the unsold products are donated to organizations fighting hunger. Every day, the fruits that we survive are transformed. This way we have the ultimate in taste perfection! The fruits are packed with sugar and perfect for infusing our super mega kombucha!


Here is a video we made with the Ecoleader Fund which explains our procedures

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