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The beginning

Almost 60% of the food produced in Canada is wasted, according to a report.
- Title of an article on Radio Canada.

The day we realized that more than half of the food in Canada was thrown away, we understood what we wanted to do with Flirt. We have made it our mission to reduce food waste in any way. The kombucha was the perfect choice to get to our end. An innovative product sought by people like you, you who are conscientious about what you consume and the impact of your consumption!

How do we start to recover unsold items?

It's simple.
You go to a grocery store, you ask to speak to the boss and you tell him about your project. No kidding, that's really how we started to collect unsold fruit. According to the boss: "Anyway, it was going to compost". So why not help young entrepreneurs and reduce food waste. Clearly we came across an angel from heaven, because by experience, it is not the majority of grocery store owners who would go ahead with such a project. There are procedures in grocery stores, food banks have priority and that's a good thing. Today we work with partners who take care of redistributing the right food to people in need. The less beautiful fruits and the surpluses come back to us and go through our process of pasteurization and transformation!

It's not that easy to make kombucha nationwide.

Like handsome fellows, we had a smile on our lips and passion deeply rooted in our hearts. We were happy with our idea, we were going to make kombucha made from imperfect fruits.
OPELAYE - It's not easy to make kombucha on a large scale ...
We were a long way from the pot of kombucha on the counter. So we started with what we call a minimum viable product. A product that is not ready at all, but that will allow you to take people's opinions and adapt. The term minimum viable was very well used at that time ... Since then, we have changed the recipe fifty-six million times, label at least seven times, bottle four times and logo twice. On the other hand, after working with consultants, fermentation firms and a laboratory, we are now going to release the best kombucha we have ever tasted. A kombucha with only 26 calories, 7 grams of organic cane sugar per 414 mL bottle, made from different types of fermented plants (Ex: fermented hibiscus, yes yes, instead of using tea, it is hibiscus!) and made from imperfect fruits, therefore eco-responsible and socially responsible.
That's great work !!