Infographic of environmental impact in carbon footprint, water footprint and waste diverted with sushi platter and drink colorful backdrop

Yuzu Sushi Case Study


Together we can make a difference. Since the launch of the sparkling lemonade with Yuzu at Yuzu Sushi, it's not just the turnover of the two companies that is increasing!
In just a few months, Yuzu Sushi has achieved a remarkable positive environmental and social impact by launching its own drink that reduces food waste.
We are talking about a reduction of 440kg of CO2, the conservation of nearly 1 million liters of water, and 2000 kg of waste diverted from landfills!

Co-branding is a partnership between companies, here Flirt Drinks and Yuzu Sushi, to develop a new product. We produce eco-friendly products that reduce food waste and co-branding is the best way to share our impact.

A great eco-marketing point / A strong selling point

Teamwork makes the dream work. Since the launch of their very own Yuzu lemonade in partnership with Flirt drinks (co-branding), Yuzu sushi has been able to boost its online marketing/sales whilst having an undeniable environmental and social impact. Indeed, thanks to Flirt drink's supply network, each bottle sold diverts food waste from landfills.
In numbers: 2000kg of waste diverted from landfills which means 440kg of CO2-e emissions and the waste of 1 million liters of water avoided.

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