Live the circular economy with
Flirt Drinks

Flirt Drinks Inc. is a company whose mission is to reduce food waste by using innovation to achieve its ends. By constantly creating new products based on the food that has survived, it democratizes the use of unsold food as a raw material in consumer products. By upgrading these unsold products, it drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the agrifood industry.


The team: 

Alexy Lavigne-McPhee, son of entrepreneurs, has the entrepreneurial spirit in the genes. Doing business has always been his goal, except at the age of 7 when he wanted to be a magician ... He quickly realized that it takes a little magic to do what he loves! Now he can combine his personal values ​​with those of his company and that's what fuels him!
Xavier Cardinal, a young father, has also always dreamed of having his company. Passionate about accounting and finance, he now has the chance to apply his knowledge on concrete projects. What excites him the most is that he can finally work on a project that will give his children a better world!
Marc Antoine Bouchard, the chemist, freshly graduated from an MBA, joined the team last year and his skills allow the company to reach new standards of quality and development of new products. He is the master brewer at the brewery in addition to being responsible for research and development of the company.
Orchestra, the funky ones, joined the team almost 2 years ago and they brought the brand to the next level! Thanks to their vivid (and bizarre) imagination, they have developed a unique brand image that sets us apart from other companies. Without their knowledge and contacts, the company would not be half of what it has become.