We were on the show Dans l'oeil du dragon!


We are Xavier and Alexy, two fathers with a passion for good things and entrepreneurship. 

So we had the good idea to start our business in the middle of a pandemic! While everyone wanted to buy / sell toilet paper and not beverages...

It all started with traditional kombucha and then we switched to eco-responsible kombucha. When we read an article from Radio-Canada which explained that 60% of Canadian agri-food production intended for humans was thrown away, we said to ourselves: let's do something! So we started collecting unsold products from grocery stores in our area. No, the fruits are not rotten... Imagine yourself at the grocery store, you have ten lemons in front of you and one of them has a small imperfection. We promise you that no one will take it... That's where we come in! After some time doing this, we realized that our real mission as entrepreneurs and humans was to create a company that would have a positive impact on our planet and our society. This is when we decided to go all in and do circular economy! 

However, we did not feel that kombucha would allow us to achieve our goals. We had to reinvent ourselves! So we arrived with new products: our fermented sodas and our sparkling lemonades flavored with fresh herbs.

Today, it is by working with the largest importers of fruits and vegetables in Quebec, producers and environmental organizations that we are able to have the greatest possible impact on food waste. 

A big thank you to you! Without you, we couldn't do what we do. 
It is together that we succeed in making things change!