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a newborn

The beginning

The partnership between Flirt and Lufa began with a basil lemonade, a collaboration with Les Fermes Marcello, a basil producer. This alliance paved the way for a beautiful relationship between Flirt and Les Fermes Lufa, starting with this product that was a huge success.

Lufa Farms, Lufa Farms


What followed

For three years, Les Fermes Lufa has allowed us to conduct our laboratory experiments to create sparkling drinks that will tantalize their customers' taste buds. We've made lemonades, sodas, cream sodas, iced teas, and non-alcoholic drinks, and we promise they're mind-blowing!


The Lufavores

Thank you, dear Lufavores, for your love and ongoing support. We are proud to create anti-waste drinks with real ingredients for Les Fermes Lufa. Your support drives us to continue crafting delicious and sustainable beverages. Thank you for being with us on this journey!

rock glass

Green Apple Spritz

Instructions :

  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add 1,5 oz of quality gin.
  3. Pour 4 oz of Sparkling Green Apple Refresher into the glass (adjust the amount to your preference).
  4. Add a dash of elderflower syrup (optional, if you prefer a slightly sweet, floral drink).
  5. If desired, add a few thin slices of green apple and a slice of lemon as garnish. For more flavor, you can also add a few fresh basil leaves.
  6. Stir gently and enjoy!

This cocktail is perfect for unwinding after a long day or impressing your guests at a party. The sweet and tangy flavors of green apple blend perfectly with the gin and the fresh, sparkling taste of the green apple refresher. The green apple, lemon, and basil garnish add a touch of freshness and sophistication to each sip. Try this easy and delicious recipe for a successful cocktail every time!