The beginning

Hi, this is Alexy and Xavier. It all started in 2018, when we were making kombucha in the Outaouais area for Olivia bistrotique, a great healthy restaurant. Quickly, we realized that our dream was bigger, we wanted to make a difference. This is where we discovered the circular economy and were struck by a shocking reality: in Canada, 56% of the food produced for us humans ends up in the trash! We said to ourselves: 'We have to change that


The pandemic

2020, COVID is coming, big blow. But we don't give up and in 2021, we manage to pivot and create Flirt Drinks, our sparkling drink patient. The name, Flirt? We are always on the 'edge', between the delicious and the good for you, between the little treat and the respect of our planet. It's our own flirtation.


What followed

What's cool about our drinks is that we use real ingredients: raspberries, basil, lemon, orange, thyme, mint. Nothing artificial, only fresh! We even developed a special technique to extract all the flavors. Imagine, a sparkling drink that REALLY tastes like fruit!


The Family

Flirt Drinks is more than a drink. It's a family, our family, and we want to change things. We want to meet in the produce section of your grocery store, talk to people who care about what they eat. With Flirt Drinks, we fight food waste one bottle at a time. Come be part of our family!"


The future

Today, the story of Flirt Drinks is that of David against Goliath. We are a small company with a big dream, facing industrial giants. But like David, we have a secret weapon: our real ingredients. In a sea of ​​synthetic soft drinks, we stand out with our sparkling drinks made from real fruit, and with our commitment to the circular economy.

But we need you. We need your support to continue doing what we do. We need your help to show the world that quality, eco-friendly beverages can also be delicious and fun. Together, we can make Flirt Drinks the Canadian leader in sparkling lemonade, and prove that one small player can make a big difference.

Join us in this adventure. Let's make a difference together, one bottle at a time.